You’re a dedicated entrepreneur working in the creative industry. Business is good. Things are happening fast. Your team is on to something big but making the numbers work is tough.

Your business isn’t small. It’s everything.


We’re for enterprising entrepreneurs. We’ve got proven success tools designed for you. We work for entrepreneurs. We go where banks fear to tread.
We believe in smart and hard working people.


Our business is making your business better. Your success is our success. Honesty is our stock-in-trade. We share your entrepreneurial spirit.
Get access to our powerful resources and expertise.
Wise, trusted counsel when you need it. Get bigger, better, stronger, faster.


Build your business as part of a thriving ecosystem. Where financial bottom lines match social ones. And trust, courage, innovation and loyalty are valued. Let’s get creative about financing. We’re not just bankers, we’re partners.



The Sutherland Group of Companies creates limitless possibilities for entrepreneurs operating privately-held, family-owned businesses by providing these companies with creative financing options, wise counsel, and access to powerful resources and business expertise.


Synergistic business model with vertically integrated focus in strategic management consulting for the media and business sectors across Canada.


Create an eco-system working and collaborating with entrepreneurs in a strategic partnership with vetted, experienced, reputable affiliates supporting entrepreneurs.

― Scott Sutherland, CEO
Sutherland Group of Companies

Asean Mining Corporation

Asean Mining Corporation is a privately held Canadian exploration company, focused on precious metal resource projects in Southeast Asia. Our strength lies in our relationships with government, community stakeholders and our management team’s experience with projects throughout Asia.

Believe to Achieve

Believe to Achieve, is a registered Canadian charity, founded by well-known media personality and ex-boxing star, Chuck “Spider” Jones. BTA’s mission to empower “Youth-at Risk” by developing leadership skills and confidence in themselves through education and sports programs in the community.

EMG Newswire Inc.

EMG Newswire Inc. provides continuous news commentary and media content for its subscribers and clients. Wherever there is something happening, you can expect the EMG team to be there. EMG also acts as filing agent’s for publicly traded companies for timely news disclosure to meet regulatory needs.

Sutherland Media Group

At SMG, our team of industry-leading professionals strives to provide inspired and innovative awareness campaigns to engage our clients consumers. Our specialty includes web development, promotional online videos, graphic design & print, branding, advertising, social media and mobile marketing, IT service & support, online catering & staff/event scheduling, menu & venue concept design.

The Santa Claus Parade

The Santa Claus Parade is a 110 year old tradition made possible by the help of thousands of volunteers and sponsors. It is a not-for-profit organization that receives zero public funding. To keep this great Canadian national treasure alive, we need your support now. Please make a donation, of any amount, and let’s keep this great tradition alive for another 110 years!

Thistle Capital

Thistle Capital Bancorp acts as the venture capital & private equity arm of the Sutherland Group of Companies, pursuing deal flow and identifying undervalued assets to target. With the mandate to act as the primary business consulting arm, Thistle provides client firms with business analysis and ongoing creative growth consulting, to assist clients in growing their business.

UiM Insights

User in Mind (UIM) delivers creative solutions to tangible business problems through experimentation and by leveraging behavioral science and data analytics. Our services include C-level technical advisory and problem solving; Gamification; Data modeling, simulation and insights; Strategy, planning and execution; Models and experimentation. We offer an array of expertise in various technologies.


WANTED! is an award winning facility offering ‘one-stop’ service for audio, video and original music since 2001. The 15,000 square foot complex is located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District and services such notable brands as Bell, Corus Entertainment, Disney, Dreamworks as well as Ad Agencies, Animation Companies and Documentary & Film producers.

Fight For Youth

By Scott Sutherland | April 18, 2018

Spider Jones Interview on Breakfast Television explains his vision for youths and the importance of the Fight for Youth Event.


2017 Santa Claus Parade – Celebrity Clown Recruitment

By Scott Sutherland | October 15, 2017

2017 Santa Claus Parade – The Celebrity Clowns are an integral part of the Original Santa Claus Parade held every year in Toronto on the third Sunday of November. Celebrities...


Rudolph The Red Nose Day

By Scott Sutherland | October 15, 2017

Why wear Rudolph’s red nose? It’s a question that we at the Original Santa Claus Parade are often asked and it’s a really simple answer: We want you to wear a nose to help light the way for Santa! To offer ...


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